The oil does not contain mineral oils from petroleum processing, which are harmful to the operation of chainsaws and the environment.

Bio Forest Oil complies with the European biodegradability standard OECD-301.

Bio Forest Oil is characterised by:

  • Superb lubricating properties. 

  • High viscosity index.

  • High damping capacity and noise reduction capability.

  • Leaching capacity of resins.

  • No varnishing.

  • Significant temperature reduction of the cutting system.

  • Good washability with typical washing liquids.

Bio Forest Oil is an all-season oil for lubricating the cutting systems of all types of chainsaws. It is an oil for general use by both professional and amateur sawyers. It should be used wherever special soil and groundwater protection is required, e.g. in national parks, orchards, and allotment gardens. 


The oil is produced based on vegetable oils and contains new generation functional additives. The oil is not harmful to human health. Laboratory, bench, and forestry tests carried out by the Poznań University of Life Sciences have shown that Bio Forest Oil has excellent functional properties and has been rated as the best among twenty different tested oils offered in Poland. Bio Forest Oil is eco-friendly, efficient, and effective.

Previously used mineral oils or petrochemical oil compositions caused environmental degradation, destruction of underwood, ground cover, lawns. We are pleased to offer you a biodegradable oil, based on vegetable oils, which does not pose a threat to the forest, agricultural or household environment.

Our company strives to use technologies and technical solutions that do not posea threat to the environment.

In this age of accelerating progress, human activities, mainly economic, cause greateror lesser environmental nuisances, hazards, and pollution. Global pollution is the introductionof solid, liquid or gaseous substances into the environment (air, water, soil), causing itsdegradation.

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