Multimazak ensures precise and durable marking.

ensures precise and durable marking.

Spray paint for marking trees and timber.

spray paint for marking trees and timber.


We designed Multimazak with the forest in mind. Perfect for marking fresh timber and tree bark, marking trees for felling, standing trees, marking at timber storage yards, marking trees for inventory purposes, trees on hiking trails, logs, planks, pallets, wooden supports.

It can also be successfully used in other areas, for example, for marking topographical points, in geodesy: marking of the geodetic network, pointwise or linearly.

It's perfectly suited for public utility companies

Product advantages:

  • Complies with the requirements of the German Center for Forest Work and Technology (KWF)

  • Available in seven vivid colors

  • Precise marking - minimized spray mist occurrence

  • Markings remain strongly visible for 12 months

  • Complete can emptying - even at low temperatures!

  • Good adhesion to absorbent and moist substrates

  • High resistance to UV rays

  • A special ball inside the can allows for thorough mixing

  • The paint does not contain toluene or heavy metals in its composition

  • Recyclable packaging

Our neon colors are characterized excellent visibility from long distances, which is crucial for forestry work.

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