Authorisation number R-136/2023
Active ingredient: arenaceous quartz
(a compound from the group of inorganic oxides)
251g/kg (25.1%)

Active control of these mammals by dismantling dams and lodges often has the opposite effect, as the beavers, bound to their own territory, repair the dams and build them bigger and stronger. A much more effective measure is to prevent beavers from foraging by means of mechanical deterrence. Trees coated with Gorzka Kora (Bitter Bark) paste cease to be attractive as food for beavers due to its taste and the crystalline structure of the quartz sand (the active ingredient of the plant protection product) causes a repulsive sound when chewed and an unpleasant abrasive sensation in the mouth and on the teeth, which ultimately discourages beavers from further damaging activity. A glove or brush is all that is needed to apply Gorzka Kora, so its use is simple and quick and, above all, effective in stopping the troublesome animal from gnawing on trees.

- has inhabited Polish territory since time immemorial. Currently, its population is beginning to increase. Many years of scientific research on beaver populations have shown that the benefits associated with their existence are much greater than the damage they cause. The life activity of beavers radically changes the surrounding water environment. By building dams and water channels, beavers cause rainwater and floodwater to be retained, they improve the microclimate and cause the occupied areas to be colonised by numerous species of animals and insects. However, there is no denying that their reclamation activities in agricultural areas do serious damage tocrops. 

Eurasian beaver

(Castor Fiber)


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